Anthony Cudahy: Spinneret

Type: Book

The first comprehensive monograph on this leading American contemporary figurative painter

Spinneret draws inspiration from the eponymous silk-producing organ that spiders use to weave their webs. Anthony Cudahy's figurative paintings tenderly piece together enigmatic scenes of specific objects and equivocal environments from interwoven references drawn from queer archives, art history, film, poetry, friends, and autobiography.

Plate sections feature brief written reflections on Cudahy's themes, style, and motifs from fellow artists and writers Ian Lewandowski, Paul Legault, Anna Glantz, Philemona Williamson, Lily Wong, Justin Liam O'Brien, Billy Sullivan, John Belknap, and Elizabeth Glaessner.

Spinneret spans the last half-decade of Cudahy's career to date, including brand new work, and unpacks his richly layered artistic practice. Organized by five artistic themes - slippages, allegories, fragments, figures, spaces - it captures the ongoing push and pull, conceptually and materially, across the artist's practice.

Anthony Cudahy is a figurative painter who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Devon Zimmerman is the curator of Modern and Contemporary Art for the Ogunquit Museum of American Art.

Maria H. Loh is professor of Art History at the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton University.

Ricardo Montez is an associate professor of Performance Studies at Rutgers University where he teaches in English and Art History.



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